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Certifications of our classes of French language in Lausanne in Switzerland

The following degrees can be taken :


  1. DELF A1
  2. DELF A2
  3. DELF B1
  4. DELF B2
  5. DALF C1
  6. DALF C2

Institut Richelieu - Ecole de français à Lausanne

  1. Certificat de degré élémentaire A1
  2. Certificat de degré intermédiaire A2
  3. Certificat de degré intermédiaire-supérieur B1
  4. Diplôme de langue française B2


  • They take place in Lausanne in March, June, September and December.
  • All examinations are optional.
  • Classes meeting four hours a week lead to the same diplomas as the 20-hour courses with the exception of the Diplôme supérieur de l’Alliance Française and DALF.
  • At the end of each term, an Attestation (Class Attendance Certificate) is issued, on request, to those students who have attended classes regularly.
  • The Institut Richelieu school of French in Lausanne is certified of Swiss Quality Eduqua with 83 % success at all exams.

Institut Richelieu Lausanne

Fondé en 1962

école de langue
et culture française



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